Lift, sleep, recover?

This is my last week of lifting heavy (for now)! My schedule today is pretty weird today, but I found my way to the weight room a little later than usual and there was an entirely different crowd there– a bunch of young dudes. Also there was my coworker-friend (not J) and he is the worst gym talker ever– I usually take short rests between sets, but he kept talking and my session took nearly twice as long as normal! However, he did spot me for bench, so it was all right. So squat/bench/row, 185/120/90. Plus some 55lb farmer’s walks– boy did those dudes give me some looks! And coworker-friend was like "hey that’s good for your traps" and I said "grip" and he said "traps too, I like girls with big traps" and I was like "yeah it’s a very feminine feature eh". Men.

The power went out this morning about 2:30am (I’m not sure why; wires are buried where I live so maybe a transformer went out) and the UPS started beeping in the office and the emergency light came on. And as that startled me fully awake, I realized that I hadn’t really been sleeping because my partner was next to me sawing logs. In fact, I checked my sleep tracker log and it turns out I’d really only gotten about an hour of solid sleep since I’d gone to bed at 10:30pm. Somehow my partner was still asleep and snoring (despite the beeping and light) and now the white noise generator, humidifier, and fan that usually blunt noise to help me sleep were dead. I grabbed a blanket and pillow and decamped to the spare bedroom, where I slept like a baby until 6:15.

My partner hates waking up and me not being there (he really does get so emo about it) but all this snoring is wearing on me, and overnight is pretty critical recovery time for me. Ironically I’m not at all a light sleeper! I’ve asked him about a sleep study, but he says he’s sleeping fine. Too bad I’m not…

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