Done with Stronglifts (for now)

Today was my last Stronglifts lifting session for a while. Since it’s Thursday, I started at 7:30 with yoga class (the teacher complimented my Half Moon Pose, which was nice because that’s one I struggled with for a long time and I might have finally made it work). It turns out I do regret running yesterday, particularly after long-held high lunges. Ow my quads. After that, it was time to do even more work: squats/overhead press/deadlift, 185/85/215.

Lifting today was a rough go. I only did 3 sets each of squats and OHP; when I got to the end of my 2nd set of squats I said to myself, ‘I don’t want to do this’– not the whiny tired way, but the deep-in-the-core-of-my-being way. (Yes, they’re different.) So I cut it a little short today. DL got all 5 reps though; I bracketed my bodyweight so I can check the tickybox on that goal!

So just to recap my experience with Stronglifts: I started in mid-October, shortly after finishing NRoL4W. (I really enjoyed the more powerlifty parts of NRoL4W, so I wanted to see how far I could take that.) I decided on SL because it was simple and straightforward, compared to the multiple-sets-of-many-exercises NRoL approach. It turns out that approach worked for me, though the workouts got longer as lifting took more effort and I needed longer breaks.

One of the things that I don’t think I sorted out is where the effort level should be for the workout. I’m not satisfied by an ‘easy’ lifting workout, and I added weight at a pretty consistent rate. But it got to the point where each set felt like a superhuman effort. I could do it, but damn was it hard. I wanted to keep making forward progress but it felt asymptotic– massively more effort with little gain. (Recovering well would help too, ahem not doing heavy squats with tired legs…)

But overall I’m really pleased with my progress over these few months. I mean, these are bragging numbers for me. Here, imma brag some (although it should be noted that I started pretty light, so these gains are somewhat inflated)

Start: 95 lb
End: 185 lb

Start: 85 lb
End: 120 lb

Start: 75 lb
End: 90 lb

Start: 45 lb
End: 85 lb

Start: 145 lb
End: 215 lb

Now I can take a little break…

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8 Responses to Done with Stronglifts (for now)

  1. ebay313 says:

    That is great progress!

  2. lozette says:

    That is amazing progress! I don’t know how SL works – are these all for sets of 5?! Your numbers are huge!

    • G says:

      Yeah, they’re 5 sets of 5 for each exercise, except for deadlift which is a single set of 5. It’s pretty much a grind.

      You know, I’ve considered starting to train and compete like you do, it always seems fun and you’re really motivated by the comp as a goal. But I googled “powerlifting gyms mystate” and, frankly, all I see is douchebags. I guess I can just keep lifting in my little work gym…

      • lozette says:

        All douchebags is about right. In fact I have a post brewing about misogyny and douchebaggery in competitive lifting. It’s pretty shit, TBH!

  3. lethally says:

    They’re great numbers, and massive advancement. I’ve only just found your blog, but can’t help thinking you should continue! Maybe just take a week of break, then go back to it – you might just be a bit fatigued?

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