Friday hamster wheel intervals

I’m about done with this week! It’s been a long one, mentally and physically. I have some odds and ends to wrap up here at work, and then no plans at all for the weekend (which sounds lovely).

On the physical side of things, I figured on a easy recovery run today and hopped on the treadmill, only to discover after a few minutes that running wasn’t really in the cards today. (Foot unhappy.) So instead I tried the elliptical machine– and naturally I wound up doing a pretty intense interval workout on that thing, just to keep my brain engaged on the hamster wheel for 35 minutes. Well, I guess that’s one way to recover…

Now that I’m not lifting (and therefore not placing grubby bars across the top of my back every other day)… I’ve been kicking around a tattoo idea for a couple years now, placement center upper back. Obviously healing that doesn’t play well with back squats! But if I get it done promptly, it should be healed up by time I’m finished with my running program. (I’ve never had a tattoo, but I’ve always wanted one, as part of my personal philosophy that one of the things that makes us humans unique is that we express ourselves through self-decoration. I need to just bite the bullet and ease in with this small and simple one.) I guess I can keep casually squatting when healing up, but they’ll just have to be front squats.

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