80% is okay

J showed up in my cubicle looking a little doubtful. He’d seen me last Friday in rough shape, and I’m still coughing a little and stuffy (neck up, mostly). But I decided that I was at about 80% of capacity, and that was enough to try to do something, anyway. Today, ‘something’ meant a 3 mile easy run as I get back into running. I made it to the end, but it took me a while– just under 40 minutes– and a couple long walking breaks. My legs felt good, though– they should, I haven’t used them much lately! But fatigue held me back.

I still need to put together the schedule for my training plan– I haven’t decided where I want to put my rest days. Long runs on Saturday works well, and it’s nice having Sunday off, but Monday is historically the day when I’m most likely to skip a run (on that schedule, it’s a 3 mile day). If I set Monday as a rest day instead, then I don’t have to worry about skipping :)

I heard about this walking program else-forum and it sounds like a lot of fun: http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2012/07/23/walking/ I wouldn’t set a lot of store on anything else on the website, but walking with the hobbits sounds like a fun and geeky motivator to get folks out and moving. It’s a lot of miles though! Definitely a long-term goal. (For what it’s worth, all the running I’ve done since August 2011 is 1250 miles. I’m still somewhere along the Anduin.)

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