Sore legs, sports bras and the underpants rule

Oh, my legs were not ready for the 5x400m interval workout today. Not even close! So crampy and unhappy. I completed the work intervals part anyway– but I spent a lot of the recovery intervals walking, and I kept the recovery intervals short so I could get through it all (1×1, usually I like to do 1×2 work x rest). Tomorrow I’m going to yoga but otherwise giving my legs a break, and I’ll pick it back up with 3 miles on Friday and another 3-4 on Saturday.

I need to drop some money on new running kit… my shoes, socks and sports bras are on their last legs, and my favorite running pants had a critical inner thigh structural collapse. I ordered one of those new Panache underwired sports bras… they’re spendy as heck but I’m still chasing a chafe-free long run. I’ll try it out and report back. (I also ordered an adorable new bikini to wear when I go to Puerto Rico next month, but that’s perhaps outside the scope of this blog…)

(tw: weight loss talk)

I had a long talk with a friend a few days ago– she was telling me that she’s been consistent with going to the gym and working out for a few months now, but she wasn’t getting to where she wanted to be and she was really frustrated. (She’s always been on the weight loss for health wagon hardcore, so we’ve agreed to disagree about a lot of things.) She’s been dealing with plantar fasciitis (which is a big pain, because she lives in the city and walks miles a day to get around) and was hoping that losing weight would help. My first impulse was to try to be supportive of her body as it was right now, like I try to do with myself, but that would’ve just started another argument. In the end, I just tried to be encouraging about the gym stuff and listen and validate her frustration. Underpants rule, right? But it just kills me to see her so unhappy with herself. I hope she finds a place that works for her body, and can find a little peace.

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