A somewhat better run

I’m still pretty sore, but today’s run went better than I expected. I finished 3 miles on the treadmill in 38 minutes and felt pretty good, especially in a cardio sense. Theoretically I ought to be running another 3 miles again tomorrow, but it’s forecast to be very cold and bitterly windy. I am not running outside in 15F temperatures and 20mph winds, no way! We’ll see if I have a backup workout, or if I just get an extra rest day.

I think it’s definitely time to go shoe shopping. Sadly, I haven’t put a lot of miles on the pair I have now! But the squish is long gone (and a fair bit of the tread– I’m so rough on shoes). And I’d rather start off my training with a fresh pair, especially when stupid foot issues are in play. The last 15 minutes of today’s run, I felt every stride from the little toe side of my left foot back to my heel, and now my inner ankle area hurts. (Maybe some extra rest is in order after all.)

You would think that the big, compound lifting I’ve been doing would help me not be as sore when I picked running back up. For the most part, the big prime mover muscles feel just fine, but the connective bits and pieces are sore. Serratus and obliques? Check. Subscapularis? Ow. You would think I hadn’t been moving much for a while! (That’s because I really haven’t… well, picking heavy things up and putting them down is much different than swinging my body around freely for an hour.)

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