Too cold for me

Today is a snow day, so I’m at home working. (Hooray for a job that lets me telework I guess, but it means I never really get a snow day ever again.) My partner tells me that the roads are clear, but the sidewalks are not– plus it’s 26ºF and still windy and I’m still coughing anyway so I don’t really need to expose my lungs to the cold. And something tells me that if you get to the point where you’re googling “is it too cold to run” it’s probably just best to stay inside. This weather makes me want a treadmill at home.

Anyway, I just spent an hour with Dance Central 2; its workout mode is far superior to the first DC but I’m not as fluent with the songs yet. Regardless, I worked up a small sweat and feel like slightly less of a loaf today. Mostly I just want to repeat Sandstorm by Darude a billion times. (It’s the first song! How is it the best song!) Plus they have a bunch of 90s favorites that remind me of my youth. (I might be just clicking through youtube now…)

I’m sort of freaking out about my running training plan. If I’m going to have to miss workouts, this is the point in the plan where it’s better to miss them. I still feel pretty cruddy about it though. It doesn’t help that I’m feeling sort of un-fit in general…

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