Tempo 10s

My running schedule for this week is all borked, and I ran Tuesday’s hard run today: a 30 minute tempo run. Better to skip an easy 3 miler than a fast run, right? Besides, tempo runs are great! They’re just hard enough that you feel like a bad-ass, while not feeling beat-to-heck at the end. I divided this one into 10 minutes warm up, 10 minutes fast, and 10 minutes cruise. It was a nice solid run and went surprisingly well, though my lungs are still not quite 100% cooperative– it really would be nice if they were feeling better and my nose wasn’t making so much stuff…

I have another 3 miles planned for tomorrow, and then I have to decide if I want to run my 5 mile long run on Friday and do 3 on Saturday (maybe?) or stick to the schedule and risk doing my long run in <32 degrees and 1-3" of ice pellets. (35 minutes in pelting ice sounds better than an hour…) This year is much colder than last! I’m tempted to just get a treadmill for home.

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