Save the last dance

Sigh. Another Monday run scrapped due to weather. Well, I can make it up through the week, and I fit in a bout of Dance Central– not too long though, I was trying to cook dinner while dancing. (Dinner was chicken lemon soup, roasted Brussels sprouts and homemade bread so the oven was doing most of the work; I just checked it between songs.)

No other big updates over here; however, I did want to share this great article by one of the creators of Zombies, Run! (which I love). Naomi Alderman wrote, There’s No Morality in Exercise: I’m a Fat Person and Made a Successful Fitness App, all about her experience as a fat person who discovered she loves to move. Here’s one of my favorite parts, and you should click and read the rest:

In the main what’s mattered is that I’ve made ​​a really pretty good fitness game and it’s helped people. Most of them don’t seem to care what size I happen to be. And the more I think about it, the more ridiculous and dangerous and just incredibly sad to me it seems that we construct exercise, moving the body, as something we do primarily as a competition, whether with ourselves or others. It’d be like falling in love competitively. Like appreciating a sunset competitively. Like listening to music or spending time with an aging relative or taking a shower competitively. We do these things because they are good. Because they make us feel good. Because they are a joyful and glorious part of a rich human life. My body—your body, all of our bodies—is part of that. Just enjoying being in it is part of that.

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