Intervals and new shoes

6x400m intervals today. It’s funny; I enjoy the fast, hard workouts a lot more than the 3 mile "junk miles" placeholders. Today’s run was not spectacular and the fast parts weren’t even all that fast, but the intervals broke up the monotony. I wish I had better endurance and more time, though; running them 1×1 is not the best but 1) it takes too long to do, say, 1×2; and 2) I still get tired in the rest intervals so it’s in my best interest not to drag them out too long either. Get the hard parts done ASAP and hit the showers…

I got my new shoes order last night. (Throwing spaghetti at the wall: order 3 pairs of neutral cushioning shoes in men’s 7.5 from Zappos and hope one sticks.) The winner seems to be the Asics Gel Nimbus 16 (what a name, eh) and I ran today with them. They’re a tiny bit short and the toebox felt a little narrow (ugh that feeling where your forefoot is folding in half and creasing down the middle) but I loosened the laces and that seemed to help. They show no wear after the short treadmill run, so if I decide I hate them after all I can send them back. (The other two candidates, the latest Brooks Ghost and Saucony Ride iterations, both kind of sucked though.)

Just thought I’d post a picture of the sole of my last pair of shoes– they have only 120 miles on them and they’re just about dead, the squish is long gone and so is a lot of the sole. As a heavier runner, I know I’m tough on shoes– but seriously, that is about $1 per mile at the going rate for running shoes. The wear pattern is kind of hilarious though– think I’m a fore/midfoot striker? There’s no wear at all on the heels (not pictured), they still have the little manufacturing bumps on them. I’m happy to have a new pair of shoes to do the rest of my training in.

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1 Response to Intervals and new shoes

  1. mattjones1990 says:

    I always find long and slow incredibly difficult, especially mentally! Builds that overall fitness so well though.

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