Running on ice!

We got more snow this morning and were given the option to work at home, and so I did (mostly because there was a really unpleasant meeting scheduled– and it was cancelled because everyone was teleworking…) It wasn’t much snow, we got about an inch. The roads are simply wet and it’s not too cold, so I figured it would be fine to go out for the 3 miler I had today.

Where I live is a lot of multi-unit housing– garden condos and apartments– and all the sidewalks in front of the complexes were great, either completely clear or just dusted (which is kind of fun to run on, actually). However, the sidewalks abutting county land? They haven’t seen a shovel. In fact, they haven’t seen a shovel at all this winter– under the inch of snow is a sheet of ice. Bumpy, dangerous ice. In pedestrian areas! I ought to make some phone calls– this is just ridiculous.

Anyway, my run took forever, because I couldn’t run for big chunks of it unless I wanted to fall on my ass or break an ankle. In 44 minutes I finally made it around the loop, and I was glad to be home with all my limbs intact. I finished up my workout with doing some snow shoveling of my own sidewalk now that the snow’s stopped.

Is it spring yet?

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