I’m getting better!!

I went for a run AND I managed to eat everything I brought for lunch! Sometimes it’s the small things that make me happy (especially when they’re things I haven’t been able to do for a while).

Run first: easy 3 miler, solid at 39 minutes. You know, it could be my fresh legs, but today I tried a few of the mental tips that Caitlin outlined in her fabulous blog post on her mental prep for qualifying for the Boston Marathon– and not only did it feel easier, but I felt better about it. Just telling myself "you got this" helped a lot more than berating myself for not being faster or whatever. And focusing on the moment helped too; it’s so much easier to breathe and keep myself moving when I’m thinking about doing just that.

I think I’ll just try to stick as closely to my training plan as I can without going to superhuman efforts to rearrange things to get runs done. If I miss a run due to a snow day, so be it. And I’ll work extra hard on the training runs.

On the other side, physically I’m feeling much better, but I think the fall might’ve given me a mild concussion. I have a sore lump on the side of my head (with a matching big ol’ bruise on my arm of the same side) so I probably bumped it on something, maybe the wall or the bathtub (or the toilet paper holder? I knocked it off the wall somehow). My brain is a little hazy and I’m feeling kind of slow. But I’ve been through concussion before; I know what to keep an eye out for (also thanks internets). I feel a little better knowing that it’s not necessarily something I need to be rushed to the hospital for immediately, though obviously if it requires treatment, sooner is better. And it’s nothing like the time I was in the hospital for concussion, though that’s no guarantee of anything. Moral of the story: I hope I never pass out in the bathroom again. That sucked.

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3 Responses to I’m getting better!!

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Holy cow! Sorry about your possible/probable concussion!

    • G says:

      Thanks, I’m doing fine. Mostly I wanted to share a little info about concussion– it seems like one of those things that people worry about but maybe don’t know how to recognize. And it’s common enough– who hasn’t hit their head on something? So I file it under “good to know”…

      • Gingerzingi says:

        Honestly, I think the description of mild versus severe concussion was drawing a very fine distinction! “Vomiting” vs. “More Vomiting.” LOL

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