Snow weighs 7-20lb per cubic foot; broccoli is less dense

And given that it’s about 6-8 inches deep of heavy wet snow out there, I figure that shoveling the sidewalk and digging out my partner’s car counts as a workout. I even shoveled the neighbors’ walk because I am neighborly like that. (It’s mini-taper time anyway. 5k test on Saturday, if the weather cooperates.)

Anyway, today I was inspired to share some of my philosophy around eating. I know, there are a zillion blogs out there trying to tell you how and what to eat, and I am not interested in being one of those (because they are largely intolerable). But this is how I do it.

I like food and I like eating. I like feeling good after I’ve eaten, and having enough fuel to do the things I need and want to do, like running far and lifting all the things. I have a pretty broad tolerance for food, and I like trying different things. But when it comes to putting my own meals together, it’s easier if I keep it simple. (Though sometimes I will pull out all the stops and make something fancy just because.)

Growing up, my mom’s meals followed what I’ve always thought is a logical formula: protein, some carbs, and one more more vegetables. If my meal fits roughly into that framework, it feels like a “proper” meal and is much more satisfying to me. It encompasses things from cut-up chicken thighs in sauce with rice and frozen mixed vegetables (tonight’s dinner), to a turkey sandwich and carrot sticks, to tempeh and broccoli and lentils, to a can of tuna, crackers and some spinach, to pasta with beans and tomato sauce.

Mostly I like it because it’s an easy framework to sustain myself with, and I can fiddle with the proportions. And if cooking fresh veggies sounds like a pain that day, I can just get out the frozen stuff (which is miles beyond the canned Veg-All my mom used to serve, it’s actually tasty). I guess I’ve gone on too long to say that food isn’t really a scary thing and it doesn’t need to be complicated to be tasty and nourishing.

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