Slushy 5k test

Well, it’s a gorgeous day out– 45F and blindingly sunny on the snow– so I had no excuse not to go out and get my test 5k run done. In fact, I was pretty excited to go! I decided to dress lightly and it was perfect– long tights, shirt and pullover. I didn’t even need a headband. It was really nice.

The run itself was a little mixed. I was so excited when I started off that I absolutely messed up my pacing– I ran the first 5 minutes at 11:15, way too fast. And the first half is the hardest, since it’s all uphill. Sigh. Anyway, I pooped out after a bit but held it together– until I got to the end of where I shoveled yesterday. I slowed to a walk to navigate the slushy boulders. But that didn’t last t00 long, and eventually I was able to get back to a run. Man, the hills around here are awful. But training on hills means I’m stronger on the flat 5k course.  I finished the run in 40:08, which is not great but not horrible. I have lots of room to improve, which is a useful metric to have after a test run.

Now I have one month to work hard and get better!

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