Intervals and new toys

Today’s workout was 7x400m intervals on the treadmill. My legs felt pretty good, at least after the first mile, which was a bit of a surprise given how awful they felt yesterday. I wrapped up 4 miles in 50 minutes (4 miles seemed like a good place to stop). Now I have an exercise headache from the hard, hot running. Ow.

My partner had bought a Mio Alpha some time ago (he is highly susceptible to novel tech) and never really used it. (He’d intended to use it as a HR monitor while doing things like kayaking to avoid overextending himself, but we haven’t been having any more adventures lately.) Now that he’s salivating over the new Apple watch, I asked if I could have his old Mio. So here I am with a large and fancy gadget on my wrist.

The watch itself works great and seems accurate enough to me– easy running in the 140s, hard running in the 170s, looks about right– but adding another thing to my ecosystem of apps is non-trivial. The Nike+ run tracker doesn’t have any heart rate integration (since Nike doesn’t make a heart rate monitor product) but it turns out there’s another app called Wahoo that can snarf up all the Healthkit data plus the heart rate monitor and Nike+ tracker data so that seems to bridge the gap. Now I have to turn 3 apps on to go for a run. But it seems to work.

Now the question is, how much will I benefit from this new source of information? I’m guessing probably not much at all right now. Maybe more in the ‘off-season’ when I’m playing with my training more.

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