Finding inspiration

Why does it always seem to happen that, right before I’m going on vacation, everything blows up at work? I have a long and growing list of things I need to either get moving or wrap up before I leave. *muffled screaming into pillow*

However, I managed to get my 3 miles in this morning. (Thank goodness, I needed to blow off some fidgets.) I’m starting to feel better about my ‘junk miles’ runs; they’re finally getting more solid and I don’t have to stress about them, I just get ’em done and go on with my day.

There’s a nice older lady whose gym time overlaps with mine; she’s on the elliptical while I treadmill. Today she stopped me to tell me that I’m "really truckin’" on the treadmill and that I inspire her to kick up the intensity of her elliptical workouts.

I have mixed feelings about her reaction. She is really nice and it seems like a compliment, though my treadmill workouts are slow as molasses by runner standards (though she can’t see my mph readout, eh). I just get a bit weirded out by being "inspiration". I’ve been "inspiration" for people on treadmills next to me, who check out my screen and then turn their speed up so they’re faster than the fat girl. On the other hand though, I would hope that my being in the gym doing what I do and looking how I look validates and encourages all shapes of people having fun with fitness.

I guess I’ll just let folks be inspired however they want– I’m still running! Has this ever happened to you guys? What are your feelings about it?

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