I’ll be The Decider

I debated going to yoga this morning (neeeed more sleeeeep *zombie arms*), but in the end I went and I’m so glad I did. It was a nice easy class today; we even did pigeon and it didn’t seem that bad. Now I’m in a good mood and ready to tackle the last day before vacation.

Speaking of, my natural tendency on days like today is to start planning and making lists and ensuring I get everything done before I go. This works well for me, since the lists work as a guide when I’d otherwise be bouncing all over the place. However, my partner gets super stressed about traveling– I’m pretty sure he’s been feeling sick for days at the prospect of 4 hours on a plane– so sharing the lists with him and talking about all my planning is really counterproductive. He doesn’t need more stuff to think about! So I’ve basically said, "I got this"– I’m making sure everything goes smoothly and he doesn’t have to worry. As long as he’s packed up and ready to go, I’ll get him to the airport and on the plane and to the hotel and he can relax as much as he can.

And in a way it’s refreshing for me, too. Given the freedom to lead the charge, I’ll do just that, and I don’t have to worry about making sure I have consensus for decisions all the time. He’s not great about deciding on stuff at the best of times (neither am I, though! which is the root of the problem) so that should take some stress off his shoulders.

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