Back from paradise…

Well, as you can guess from my long hiatus from the blog, I didn’t run at all on vacation! However, I spent a lot of time paddling around in the Caribbean, exploring a corner of the island, and having fun with my partner and my friends. The wedding was amazing! The ceremony was beautiful and the party after was an absolute blast– later in the evening a Puertorican folk band, complete with hand drums and trombone, showed up to lead the guests in traditional wedding songs. (One of the bride’s relatives, an older lady, taught us mainlanders how to sing and dance along.) And after the booze ran out, we went nightswimming in the ocean, where each wave lapping the shore left bioluminescent sparkles on the sand and there were a billion bright stars in the moonless sky. It was simply magical. I hope I get to go back sometime and explore more of the island.

Now that I’m back home, it’s time to get back to training. I only have two weeks left! Five days of Medalla beer and fried food is not doing my system any favors (seriously, everything was fried– except the delicious stewed conch and octopus– and the Puertorican idea of vegetables seems to be three shreds of iceberg and a slice of tomato on the side). Today’s run was on my up-and-down steep hilly route and it went okayish, 3 miles in 40 minutes flat. It’s 45F and breezy and I had no idea how to dress; I went with tights, a pullover and a fleece but I would’ve been better off with less clothes. I nearly got to the halfway point without slowing to a walk, but the last hill there is a stupid steep 100 foot climb in less than a quarter mile and it just wasn’t happening. 1.5-2 miles was kind of a mess too, but the last mile was solid at least. Bah, hills: my nemesis.

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2 Responses to Back from paradise…

  1. estheralix says:

    I just wanted to let you know that your blog as inspired me to write a post on running while fat. I really appreciate your honesty and that has furthered inspired me. Good luck.

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