Where’d my muscles go?

Today is a recovery day from running but I still wanted to hit up the gym. Yoga was right out, sadly (we need to go to the grocery store after work, so being dropped off/picked up by my partner is the best way to go; yoga means I leave before him and drive myself). Anyway, I decided to go and do some upper-body lifting and give my legs a proper rest.

I figured I’d be lifting light and high reps today– but I didn’t really think it would be this light! I loaded up the bench with 105lb– I think I was doing 125 or 130 when I left off, right?– and barely made it through 10 reps. I tried another set with 95lb and that was a little more manageable. I also did a bunch of overhead presses and bent-over rows with just the bar, and more dumbbell rows and flys, plus some back extensions and weighted crunches. I think I hit most of the important stuff, anyway.

My partner is looking into buying a small bench and some heavier dumbbells to use at home. I don’t really know why? He has a free gym at work that’s certainly better-appointed than anything he can get for home. But hey, however he’s comfortable. We’ll just have to make some room somewhere…

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