I jiggle, therefore I am

Long run day! Today’s schedule called for 7 miles. Yesterday’s 5 miler left my calves a little stiff and I was concerned, but once I headed out out everything loosened up and I felt okay. Actually I felt pretty darn good! Knock wood, I haven’t had any injuries or pains during this training regimen. No knee weirdness, no foot weirdness. That could also be because I haven’t had the kind of volume I should have, but oh well.

Anyway, I headed out (in the lovely weather, too– it’s in the 50s and sunny, with a light breeze) and turned on all my gizmos, the GPS tracker on my phone, the bluetooth heart rate monitor app. Data, yay! Except that, in the end, it turned out I have no data– all the apps drained my phone’s battery and it pooped out well before I finished. Anyway, by my estimate it was about 7.6 miles overall, though I have no idea how long it took. I think I need a new phone.

I bought a pair of running tights and I’ve been hesitant to wear them; I don’t really know why? They’re snug-fitting (obviously) and not particularly supportive and I’m self-conscious about my jiggly parts, though you might think that after running with all that jiggle for 4 years I’d be over it. But I wore them today and they’re comfy and nice for this weather so I’m making an effort to get over that hump. Have you guys seen the (excellent!) This Girl Can video? It shows all kinds of bodies, and I borrowed this for my title today…

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2 Responses to I jiggle, therefore I am

  1. ebay313 says:

    I hate when my phone dies and I lose run data! (though actually I hate it even more for not having my phone working. It makes me nervous not to be able to dial 911 if an emergency arises :\ )

    • G says:

      I worry about that too, and just in case I wear a bracelet with all my contacts on it (it’s from RoadID, holds 2 phone numbers and a couple lines of medical info). EMTs look for them when responding to runner/biker accidents.

      Once I charged up the phone again I saw it had logged 5.9mi of the run so I didn’t feel that awful about it! Next time I’ll skip the HRM.

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