woo HOOO!

Today I’m in an off mood, and I had to drag myself out the door to run my daily 3 miler. I didn’t leave until 4– and usually if I let it go until that late, it never gets done. But somehow the running autopilot got me going.

The weather’s a bit chilly but sunny; I started out with a fleece on until I warmed up and started getting really sweaty, then I took it off and tied it around my waist and was perfectly comfortable. Spring weather is so confusing to dress for!

But there’s just something about runs that I’ve dragged myself out for that give me extra gumption– I blew through it, finishing the 3 miles (outside, on hilly terrain) in a solid 38:35. That’s like treadmill pace! So that at least gives me hope that I’ll be able to get through my 5k next week, at least. (Wednesday! Aah!)

On the not-so-great side, it’s spring, and therefore my nose will be attacked by the pollen monsters every time I run outside. While I was cooling down my nose was leaking all sorts of stuff; I wiped it on my shirt because I didn’t bring a hanky but it should be noted that I was wiping my nose on my shirt while walking past other people. Yes, I am gross. It’s better than having snots run down my face?

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2 Responses to woo HOOO!

  1. therfpscribe says:

    Eh, no biggie. I blow snot rockets at every run, and whatever is left I wipe on my sleeve. Gross for anyone watching, but I ain’t carrying hankies on me while I run.

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