Pieces falling into place

Today was one of the toughest workouts in my training plan: 8x400m intervals. 1×1, that’s 4 blinkin’ miles of intervals. But I’m proud to say I blew it up! 50 minutes and a whole lot of sweat later I was done. I took the recovery intervals pretty slow and felt good enough to not walk at all.

I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m feeling like my body has switched back into endurance mode. I hadn’t felt like that in all my training this year; even the 3 milers felt like a battle. But now maybe my breathing and my legs and all my systems are working together how they should be. It’s hard to explain! (Or this might just be the post-run endorphins causing me to babble on.)

And not to get ahead of myself, but the race is next week and I’m finally really starting to enjoy running again– but what about after the race? Previous years I’ve pretty much dropped running and gone back to lifting, but this year I don’t feel burned out on running at all– so we’ll see. Maybe I can try out a 10k race in the fall?

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