T-minus 1 week

I know I said yesterday’s workout was one of the toughest in my plan, but today’s didn’t feel any easier despite it being just a 3 miler. My legs are tired, my period’s just started so CRAMPS, and I am generally feeling all beat to heck. But I finished it in a solid 37:30 so that’s that. I have a recovery day tomorrow; I think I’m going to take it off entirely rather than waking up early for yoga.

I get the feeling my runs would be easier and my recovery would be better if I could just. fall. asleep. at night. The last week or so I’ve laid awake in bed for 2 or 3 hours every night before finally nodding off. I have no idea what the culprit is; usually when I’m exercising regularly I sleep really well. I’ve cut back on caffeine a lot, too– I don’t drink coffee after 11am anymore; I might have a cup of tea in the afternoon but c’mon. Now that I’m looking at my sleep tracker, not only am I not falling asleep but I’m awake again at 4:30am. It’s so frustrating!

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