Big socks and big thoughts

It’s taper time, and today was an easy 3 miles today in a speedy 35:09 on the treadmill. My left Achilles is bugging me a little, but it might be due to sock issues– I forgot running socks so I ran in my thick wool boot socks (it’s a rain boots day today). I could’ve gone sockless, but I didn’t want to risk blisters so close to the race. Anyway, I have enough issues with lack of volume in my shoes already; adding huge socks didn’t help!

I have a big thought brewing, but it’s not managing to get out right now. In short, I hate the "obesity panic" and how much it consumes our society, shaming folks in the name of health when it’s really about not wanting to see fat folks. Body size is super complicated, correlated with a ton of stuff, and something as simple as taxing soda isn’t going to make a difference. Anyway, I think that blog post will have to percolate for some time longer so I can make sure to articulate it properly.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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