Taper trail fail

Today’s my last run before the race, so I had a brainstorm that I would drive over and run around a (man-made) lake nearby. Everything I read about the trail was from a mountain biker’s point of view, but I gathered that it was 3ish miles and not technical.

Well, it turned out to be 3.6 miles around by my GPS, which is ok, but the trail was, by turns, both super muddy (slipperyyyyy) and full of tree roots (fine for mountain bike tires; not so great for runners’ feets and ankles). I kept thinking that it would be deliciously ironic if I twisted an ankle or broke my leg on the last run before the race. There were some little steep hilly parts; those were actually more of the “fun scramble up the hill” variety, which I do prefer to the”half a mile of climbing” variety.

But the conditions were bad enough that I wound up walking lots. Which was all right, I guess. There were lots of people out walking and I got a bunch of weird looks running around. I finished 3.75 miles in an hour flat– I know I just said the loop was 3.6 miles; I overshot the trail to get back to my car by accident.

Well, now I know. It’d be a nice little hike; the lake was full of water birds and critters, and there were signs of beaver activity (aka gnawed trees). I’ll have to go back to enjoy the wildlife sometime. For now, though, stretching and resting…

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