Lift, yoga, wait

I’m never quite sure what to do when I’m tapering. I always want to do something, at least; the idea of totally resting seems sort of weird, like I’m just letting my body idle. Anyway, today I settled on some light, strictly upper body weight lifting and some nice yogas to help stretch out.

When I was on vacation we spent a lot of time with my coworker-friend and his wife; they’re super active folks and she was looking particularly built. After several beers, I wound up complimenting her traps. It was maybe the most awkward compliment I’ve ever given– traps are such an uneasy body part for women– but hers looked good and strong and I admired them. And I think she was pleased with the compliment; she said she’s been doing pullups and rock climbing so her upper body had gained a lot of strength.

I’m finding that I admire women who look like they have a strong upper body– it’s so fantastic when ladies bring out the "gun show"– so I’ve decided to do a bit of isolation work on my arms and shoulders, just for giggles. I have a lot of arm flesh so it may or may not show up well, but we’ll see what happens. I have plenty of definition in areas where I don’t carry a lot of fat, like my forearms and my lower legs and maybe my back, but everywhere else you’d never know. (Since when did I start lifting for a "look" though? Hrm.)

I was playing around with Camel pose this morning; it’s not something in my regular rotation and I historically have been very bad at it. I leaned back with the blocks and expected to feel it in my quads– but nope, I felt it intensely in my IT bands and the side of my knee. (I hadn’t warmed my back up much, so there wasn’t a lot of backbend.) Mostly this just reminds me that I’ve been neglecting yoga and stretching lately. Must get back to that…

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1 Response to Lift, yoga, wait

  1. chasingdownhealthy says:

    I’m new to your blog. You’re tapering, that means a big race. Marathon? Half? I need to do some back reading. :)

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