2015 5k race report

Well, I finally ran the darn thing. Yay! My time was not great; I finished in 38:37, a full 2 minutes slower than last year. Pacing was an issue; I ran the first mile fast and thought I could keep up that pace, but it didn’t work out. I pooped out pretty hard at the end. And my left foot fell asleep hard about halfway through, and nothing worked to wake it up. But anyway, it’s done! Onward!

Actually, I’ve been kicking around the idea of training for a 10k; I’m pretty comfy with the 5k distance now so it makes sense to try out a longer race. I enjoy my longer runs, even if I’m not great at them. I’m still intimidated by a ‘real’ race though; this 5k is through my work gym and it’s really chill and people are at all kinds of fitness levels, so I’m worried that a different race is going to be way more hardcore.

Regardless, I need to take a little time off serious running and give my feet a chance to rest up (I’ve been having some stress-fracture-y twinges and pain in my arches). How long a rest, and what am I going to do in the meanwhile? Not sure yet…

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7 Responses to 2015 5k race report

  1. GREAT job!!!! Enjoy your rest time, it’s so important!

  2. chasingdownhealthy says:

    Awesome job! I say if you want to do it, do it. There are always going to be hardcore runners and there will always be someone going slower. And everything in between! Enjoy your rest. :)

  3. lethally says:

    Well done! As someone who is Not A Runner, I figure anyone who manages to run a considerable distance is Kinda Awesome! :) So go you!

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