Plan? What plan?

Today’s gym session was a transitional "little bit of everything" workout while I try to figure out what I’m going to do with myself for the next couple months. I ran 3 miles on the treadmill (39 minutes, nice fresh legs) and did some easy longer sets of upper-body lifting, then wrapped it up with stretching. I’m having some issues with my legs; my calves were absolutely wrecked after the race (I don’t know why that 3.1 miles destroyed them more than all the other 3.1 miles), my Achilles were tight, and I’ve been feeling my IT bands tugging on my knees and the front of my hips are really tight. Definitely need more stretching.

I’ve been looking at 10k training plans, and it’s odd because a lot of them look suspiciously like my 5k training plan, 5-6 runs and ~15-20 miles/week. I guess I don’t really get it; I mean, I can drag my body through a 10k now but it’s not pretty; I take some walking breaks (of course, there’s nothing wrong with walking breaks as an endurance strategy; however, they’re not making me get any faster). It might be that I’m comparing intermediate 5k plans with beginner 10k plans?

Anyway, what it really needs to hinge on is finding a race I want to do. I enjoy trail runs a lot, and there was a neat one that went over a long bridge– I don’t know how I’d handle 3 miles up and then 3 miles down! 1.5 miles uphill makes me want to keel over. But the usual 2 month training window would put the race end of June, that’ll be a scorcher…

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2 Responses to Plan? What plan?

  1. Try foam rolling for your ITB….if you are consistent with rolling it really helps.

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