Well, I started out today ambitious and sort of ended up with a whimper. It’s not bad, but I do feel sort of vaguely disappointed anyway. I realized that I had a meeting that would conflict with kettlebell class, so I decided on yoga+ in the morning.

The class was interesting but maybe not fulfilling. There were only two of us, so we got plenty of attention and feedback. In my case, he came over to push my hips back a little during down dog by pushing on my back, I told him when it was far enough and he asked what was pulling and I said it was some attachment point near the tops of the backs of my knees. Apparently this confused him highly. Isn’t that a hamstring attachment point there? And my hip issue flared up in a couple places, during half lord of the fishes and whatever the one like thunderbolt pose with the knees crossed is called. In these poses I wind up working hard with mostly the left hip flexor to hold the pose and the muscle easily gets tired and hurts. Anything that makes me pull my leg upward for long periods is going to cause me grief, even lunges will trigger it. After the class was over I spoke with the teacher about it for a little bit; I think I gave him something to think about. I do hate complaining about the issues though; I know everyone’s bodies have something going on, but I’d rather just bear it than speak up, though it’s good for the instructor to know. He’s always interested in thinking about the anatomical basis of poses.

(Actually, now that I think about it some I remember that the front of my hip there is the EXACT part of my body that I injured a long time ago in yoga class, that one time a different instructor came back from her Kundalini retreat in India and asked us to do a billion lying leg extensions and “push through the pain”. Man. Just thinking about that makes me blindingly angry. I couldn’t do anything but lie on the couch in pain for 3 days– that’s the only time I’ve ever reached for the strong painkillers I keep just in case.)

I had the great idea that I’d lift a little after yoga class and then run a little; I got through the lifting part okay (bench, overhead press, rows, bicep curls, pec flys, front delt raises) and then hopped on the treadmill and my legs were so tired I only managed half a mile before throwing in the towel. Plus yoga class had done a great job stretching out the backs of my legs, and running I could just feel my calves getting shorter and tighter. Anyway, I can run more tomorrow I guess.

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