Lecture on “busy” and an exhortation to take my own advice

TGIF, folks. What a week! And, though I have a short day today, once I leave work I have to shop, clean and cook for my 7 houseguests tomorrow (including a 2-year-old– my house is so not kidproof). Aaaaah!

I thought it might possibly be nice enough to run outside today; the forecast says it’s supposed to top out at 75F– but right now it’s 45F and rainy. So treadmill it was. And I ran 3 miles and it felt okay. I didn’t push too hard. My hips are still sore; I need to find a good way to keep them stretched out.

So I live and work in a city where people carry around "busy" like a designer bag. Everyone is so, so very busy. (With the connotation that, if you’re not "busy", you’re probably not important or ambitious or maybe you have no work ethic. It’s great.) In the locker room today I butted in (rather literally; I was trying to change and her locker was next to mine) into a young woman’s rant. She was talking about how very busy she was; she kept taking things on at work, more and more projects, working nights and weekends, and she was overwhelmed.

So I butted in; while I was undressing I turned to her and said, "You have to start saying no to things." She replied, "But it’s hard; I’m a contractor and I have to make people happy…" And I countered with "But every new thing you take on means you do another task less well."

Then she said, "I keep working on the weekends, but I don’t get paid for that." And I replied, "You should value your own time more highly." At this point, the other ladies in the locker room were jumping in and talking about times in their own work lives where they had a hard time saying no and carving out time for themselves but they eventually needed to, just to save their sanity.

I apologized for giving her this lecture, and headed off to the shower, where I thought about how useful it would be for me to take my own advice…

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1 Response to Lecture on “busy” and an exhortation to take my own advice

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Ha ha if I ever took my own advice my life would be PERFECT.

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