Visa man in the gym (he’s everywhere I want to be)

Combo workout today– and for once it actually worked as planned! I started out with a couple sets of the usual upper-body lifting, and finished it up with 2 (very drippy– it’s raining and the cardio room was so humid) miles on the treadmill in 25 minutes. That’s satisfactory.

There was a non-regular person in the weight room today and we were stepping all over each other’s toes. It’s a very small weight room so I’m used to having to work around folks, but it was still kind of annoying. I set up the bench for my first set, and he pulled over the high-backed bench to do his bicep curls. Right across from me. After my overhead presses and rows, I went to grab a 20lb dumbbell for bicep curls- he’d left them next to his bench and was doing something else so I picked one up and got to work.

Him: You took my dumbbell.
Me: Yeah… I’m almost done… just a sec.
Him: There’s probably another set…
Me: No, there’s only one pair of 20s for some reason. 8… 9…
Him: *huff*
Me: All right I’m done, they’re all yours.

Skull crushers, then more bench, and once I made it back for the overhead press he’s doing decline dumbbell presses on the inclined situp bench and his towel’s hanging on the bar I’m about to use. I just hung it on the rack instead. Maybe he’s new. Aren’t these common rules of the weight room? Don’t leave your stuff all over the place, share, and clean up after yourself…

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2 Responses to Visa man in the gym (he’s everywhere I want to be)

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Since my gym is in my garage, I don’t have to contend with this sort of thing (just Hrodebert, which is quite enough…) but it seems a very common occurrence that people use the wrong equipment for their exercises. Like, why do you need a bench to do biceps curls? Is there something I’m missing?

    Also I think this guy was getting in your way because he luuuuuuuurves you <3

    • G says:

      Lol nooooo. No creepers plz.

      I like to do my bicep curls seated and one arm at a time so I can brace my arm on my leg and really isolate the bicep, rather than using inertia and shoulder strength to cheat. But there are a billion ways to make it work :)

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