Sticky spring trail run

It’s Friday, it’s gorgeous out, and my boss isn’t here, so… trail run time! It rained some this morning so there was quite a bit of mud to contend with, but it all washes off, right? I cruised down to the park and ran around for 3 miles in 39:40. Usually I stick to a flat trail along the creek, but today I kept going to the ridge trail that climbs up, up, up into the surrounding terrain. Going up was strenuous, coming down was slippery!

The flat part is a favorite place for local folks to bring their dogs, and it kind of drives me nuts actually. I don’t mind dogs, and for the most part they’re all well-behaved and don’t chase after runners going by, but people don’t leash them (which is blatantly against the rules) and I saw some oblivious asshat talking on his phone completely ignore the fact that his giant dog was taking a dump. The last one pissed me off enough that I sped up to confront him, but by the time I caught up the dog had finished depositing its cargo and was far enough away that I would’ve had to lead the oblivious asshat to the dump so I just continued on, seething. It’s a shame; it’s an lovely and secluded urban park but there’s very little wildlife in that section because of all the dogs.

Also, as much as I’ve been complaining about the pollen, I don’t seem to be suffering much in the way of ill effects. My gold standard for allergic rhinitis is my cat allergy and it is nowhere near that level. Even in the fall I sneeze and drip a lot more. Of course, the season is just beginning and there’s plenty of things yet to bloom so I may be speaking too soon.

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