After three good days of rest, I was ready to hit the gym and lift and run and do all the things! Alas, work happened (so many meetings) and I needed to just pick one and fit it in. So I hopped on the treadmill for a nice progression run– the first mile and a half was a gentle pace, and then I kept turning the speed up until I died (I didn’t actually die). 3 miles in 36 minutes and I was ready to shower and get on with my day. I suppose I can lift tomorrow (provided that I don’t have any more surprise meetings).

I follow lots of great bloggers here on the WordPress platform. One of the interesting things about reading and writing in these spaces is that a lot of us are walking along a similar path but we’re at different places and going at different paces. There’s truly nothing new under the sun, and indeed, lots of us have read and written posts about topics like "I’m going to eat this delicious food without shame!" and "celebrate strong!" This is good; these are fundamental ideas and we’re all going to address them in our own ways.

I’ve been thinking that I’d like to read and think about a broader swath of perspectives, though. As an educated, able-bodied, middle-aged-ish white woman from North America with some time and money to throw at my fitness hobbies, it’s all too easy for me to read around and hear echoes of myself and think my experience is universal– and universally applicable.

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3 Responses to Perspectives

  1. I am reaching middle age, consider myself able bodied and am white from North America…but wouldn’t put myself in the category of having money to throw at my fitness “hobbies” (I quote hobbies because I’ve not been focused on fitness long enough or have the knowledge to yet consider it an actual hobby). How do you fit in the exercise with the rest of life taking up your time?

  2. G says:

    Honestly? With a crowbar :) I arrange my exercise time so that 1) it’s as convenient as possible; and 2) it’s a habit and I miss it if I don’t go!

    1) I am tremendously lucky to have a gym in my work building and a job that’s flexible enough to let me go away for an hour during the day to use it. It’s bare-bones– no pool, like 4 treadmills– but it’s good enough. Convenience trumps everything else. I’ll happily stay later at work!

    2) I really started going to the gym on the regular when I started going to the gym with my coworker. He shows up at 9:20am on T/Th, and he’s been doing it forever so it was already a habit for him. Now I go every day at that time– it’s my habit too. I get it done in the morning because if I wait until the afternoon I won’t do it.

    Good luck!

  3. chasingdownhealthy says:

    I like your crowbar comment. I have to do that as well. I’m lucky that I have two teenage sons who can help with chores when I get behind. Mom’s going to run now, have the dishes done when I get back! :)

    It’s good for us to see other people’s perspectives, I’m interested to see what you find as you broaden your blogging horizons. I should think about doing that as well.

    Good job on the run!

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