Early workout

Today I had an appointment at 8:30am that required I be clean and well-dressed, so I shifted my gym time to before it. (My gym shower is my shower for the day, and my hair really needed a washing too.) I wore my workout clothes on the train, arrived at 6:45am, and got my workout in and made it to the appointment on time.

It’s a different crowd first thing in the morning– the gym opens at 6:30am and the people that get there early are super focused. It wasn’t too busy though; I shared the weight room with a couple other folks. I stuck to upper body again– biceps, bench, OHP, row, pec flys, triceps, lat pulldowns– and just for funzies I snuck a single set of 10 squats at 125lb in there. It’s been forever since I did squats, and it’s still gratifying to feel the big muscles in my legs fire up. Some day I’ll harmonize squats and deadlifts with running…

Speaking of running, I had a little extra time left so I hopped on the treadmill for 20 minutes/1.67 miles. One of the gym staff was in there with me, and after I finished she suggested that I try using the treadmill on an incline because it "changes the experience". I replied that I liked the treadmill because it was flat– all my outside runs at home are on super mega hills so it’s a nice change. (I think this staff member is convinced that I’m doing it wrong because I’m in the gym every day working hard and I still look like this.) Maybe next time I’ll set it on a tiny incline and FEEL THE BURN or something.

I’m getting fired up for CAMPING this weekend! (I’m not sure my partner is, but that’s another story.) I need to drag all the gear out of storage and sort through it and make sure we have everything we need. It’s sort of weird going camping around here– when I was a kid my family camped all the time, and usually we went to some kind of water– a lake or a river, there were plenty around– but around here camping doesn’t mean water and swimming, unless we go to the ocean or one of the fake lakes. This time we’re car camping and trying a new place about an hour’s drive away that’s out in the woods. Hopefully it’s nice!

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3 Responses to Early workout

  1. Clare Bear says:

    It’s true- you do feel the burn when you set the treadmill on a small incline!
    I prefer to jog on the treadmill flat too because there are varied gradients where I jog at home.
    But sometimes I will do brisk walking at the gym on the treadmill at steep inclines, which is good for burning fat.

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    Watch out for ticks!

    • G says:

      I’ll try! I’ve invested in multiple kinds of insect repellent. Luckily the ticks in that area aren’t the deer ticks that transmit Lyme disease, but they are the weird ticks that cause meat allergy?

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