Sometimes a change of plans is ok

Well, I was really excited about going camping this weekend… but the weather just didn’t cooperate. My partner checked the forecast and said “uhh no”… and I was pretty disappointed at first, but then when Saturday rolled around and it was 38F and rainy I got over that darn quick.

Since I was at home with no plans I had plenty of time to get stuff done! I finished my sewing project (it worked! I have a wearable dress that looks pretty darn good) and got some housework in. And today the weather was pretty nice so I got out the door for a run this afternoon.

I was thinking about going for a long run today, 6-7 miles, but by the time I got out it was 3pm and I had lost maybe 60% of my motivation. I’ll take the 3 miles though, that’s something! 3 miles in 38:58. It’s breezy and pollen-riffic out there. I take back anything I might have said about my allergies– they were blowing up today. I came back in and used my neti pot and it helped some.

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2 Responses to Sometimes a change of plans is ok

  1. chasingdownhealthy says:

    You still got out there and hit it, and that says a lot. :) Good job!

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    Camping in the rain = not worth it.

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