“lookin’ good, girl, you losing weight?”

For some reason, I was super excited to go workout today, and now that it’s done I’m still super excited about it. It was a combo day, with a longer session of lifting followed by a short and fast run.

The lifting was 2 sets of 10 each: bench@95lb, squats@125lb, bicep curls, skull crushers (doesn’t that sound all hardcore, I’ll say it in my metal growl), pec flys, overhead press, rows, lat pulldowns, and cable woodchops. Since I was so sore after my squats last week, I’m committing to doing "maintenance squats" twice a week to keep the DOMS at bay. Nothing heroic, just some load to make it a little hard. (Though I might get back to heroic! I don’t know. Heavy squats and running…)

Thing number 2 was a quick mile on the treadmill. Because it came up last week, I set the incline to 2.0 (2.0 whats?) and ran along. It definitely added some challenge; when I turned up the speed and put the incline down it felt so easy and I felt so fast! Then I turned the incline back up because it wasn’t supposed to be easy. Anyway, 1 mile in 11:50 with the darn incline. I was very sweaty.

Recently there’s been an uptick in the number of people commenting on my body– at the gym and in the office– and giving me compliments based upon the changes they think they see in it. It always blows my mind, because my weight is the same. It’s been the same for years now, like plus or minus 3 pounds. But I think I know what it is! It’s my clothes. Usually I wear relaxed trousers to work, but I’ve been rolling skinny jeans and tailored cropped trousers into my wardrobe and those apparently display my curves in a different way that leads to all the commentary. I don’t really care; my body is still the same under my clothes. And as much as possible I want to say "fuck flattering" and I’m going to wear the clothes that are comfy and express my aesthetic as much as I can. Today that happens to be black skinny jeans and a little black cardigan and Pumas with rainbow laces…

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3 Responses to “lookin’ good, girl, you losing weight?”

  1. I’m most interested in the rainbow laces. Those sound like something I’d wear. :)

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