No-Weigh May

I’m pretty sore this morning (thanks, squats) but I managed 3 treadmill miles anyway, in about 37 minutes. I’m certain I’ll be even sore-er tomorrow, but tomorrow is yoga day so that’s okay. Today, however, ibuprofen is my friend.

The month of May is almost here, and I’ve decided that it will be a "No-Weigh May", just because it rhymes so nicely and makes such a great slogan. I’ve never managed to set aside the scale completely; I do weigh myself infrequently (and start singing Talking Heads’ Once In a Lifetime, "same as it ever was…") But I’m going to remove that burden from my brain for a month, and free up those cycles for more productive use. (Now what will I do with them?)

While I’m pondering gradual life changes and creative disruptions, have you guys ever played around with Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies? It’s a fun tool to sort of give your brain a kick in the pants when you’re feeling stuck. And if the one that comes up isn’t working for you, click refresh…

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1 Response to No-Weigh May

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    I’m very glad that I don’t have a scale. Or go anyplace on a regular basis that has one. Getting weighed once a year at the doctor’s is plenty for me.
    I understand that a dramatic increase or decrease in weight can be a sign of health problems, but I will easily notice a significant change without the help of a scale… so I feel much better off without one.

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