Farewell, Thursday yoga

At the beginning of this morning’s yoga class, the instructor announced that the class was moving again– to my telework day. As much as I enjoy the class, I also enjoy working at home in my PJs, so I’m sad. On the other hand, though, this means I can sync back up with J; I’d been missing him on Thursdays since I finished up well before he would go to the gym.

The instructor, in a bid to make me feel better I guess, asked me to pick out something I wanted to do in class today. I requested pigeon, and he laughed and said "you don’t really want to do pigeon" and I replied that I didn’t but it was good for me. He stuck it in towards the end of the session, so I got my wish. The rest of the practice was good too, I always learn a lot in these classes. I’ll miss them! Maybe I’ll find another class during the week I can attend…

This might also motivate me to expand my repertoire of Youtube yoga practices. They’re not a substitute for attending a class with a teacher, but they at least offer some motivation to move my practice beyond the standard stuff I always do. It’s easy to get stuck in a yoga rut, but if I apply myself and practice the things that are difficult I get better at them (like half-moon pose!)

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3 Responses to Farewell, Thursday yoga

  1. Clare Bear says:

    What is pigeon?
    Sounds intriguing!

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