Getting hotter

Today’s run was a tough one! I’m not used yet to running in hot weather, and my ankles are tired from spending the weekend in not very comfortable Doc Martins (slooooowly I’m breaking them in). I finished 3 miles in 39 minutes on the monotonic route. I really need to give some thought to my pacing; the first mile was quite fast for me, and then I pooped out in the second and pulled it back together for the third (which was all downhill, so that helped  a lot). As usual, I wish there was a flat place to run around here so I could do my runs without battling hills– I swear it’s half psychological; I know where the bad hills are so as soon as I come up to one I fall apart.

I need to settle into my summer skin too; between my run on Friday, the weekend walking around, the top-down trip home, and my run today I’ve been nursing a mild sunburn for a while now, plus I have this lovely sun allergy thing that gives me an itchy rash for the first few exposures. I hate wearing sunscreen when I’m sweating (isn’t it the worst when it drips in your eyes?) and I need to find some other way to keep the sun off. Hat suggestions, anyone?

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