Systems check

Today’s workout was a relatively quick one– I just have too many dang meetings lately (I’m dashing this post off before running to one now). I did my maintenance lifting and did some nice yogas too. I really miss that 7am class, as much as I used to gripe about it being so early.

My upper back and neck are kind of crunchy; it feels like the kind of thing a massage would fix. And when I started yoga-ing, I realized that the sides of my body– my obliques and IT bands– are really really tight. Half Lord of the Fishes was both brutal and amazing in the twist. Even down through the sides of my calves is tight. What in the world have I been doing to myself to cause this?

That’s one of the nice things about yoga; it really gives me some time to check in with all my parts and see how things are doing. I don’t notice my IT bands are tight until I try to stretch them out– even though they’re probably pulling on my hips and knees and being all out of whack. Now that I know, I can focus in on that a little bit.

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