Flat and steady

For some reason, the long runs I do on Friday are always the best. There’s just something about it being the end of the week that lets me dig in and have nice solid runs. Today was no exception! I finished 4 miles on the treadmill in 54 minutes and felt pretty good, no walk breaks except for mid-mile 3 when my left foot fell asleep and I stopped to fix my shoe.

It’s like the best time of year to run outside, but I feel like at this moment I’d be better served inside working on my endurance. Why? Well, I love running outside in the breeze and the scenery but for some reason hills are the most demoralizing thing for me right now. The hills around here are brutal to begin with, but every time I approach one the zest just goes right out of me, I feel defeated by them halfway up and that’s contributed to having sort of inconsistent and disappointing runs where I don’t feel like my endurance is increasing.

So rather than repeatedly throwing myself at a wall and hoping it’ll break, I think I’ll just focus on building running time on the treadmill either flat or with a small incline and see what happens with that. I mean, obviously I have the capability of running for an hour at a time at a steady effort. So let me ratchet up that effort level gradually and work it out, then go back and revisit those hills and see if they feel any easier.

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5 Responses to Flat and steady

  1. amsiebee says:

    I know it sounds like blasphemy to some, but I actually like running on the treadmill. For me, the biggest challenge when running outside is my brain, constantly telling me that I should stop, I’m tired, my legs hurt etc. even with music I find it hard to turn that part of my brain off. On the treadmill I can distract myself with television and it seems to make getting through the runs (without stopping) easier. Also, I like being constantly able to see the countdown timer for my learn to run program. There is nothing more demoralizing than feeling like I’ve been running for ten minutes, only to check my watch and see it’s been four. :)

    • G says:

      Personally I’m cool with folks getting their running in however they like it best! I definitely understand these feelings, too– it’s nice to put my brain in neutral and zone out watching Jon Stewart while I run along. :)

  2. Hills suck I hear ya!

  3. Clare Bear says:

    One thing I struggle with when jogging outside is maintaining an average speed
    On the treadmill you can set it to what speed you like and change it when you want, while outside you can’t monitor it so easily
    I wrote in a blog recently how jogging to music outside can make my speed vary

    • G says:

      Oh definitely. I don’t understand how people do prescribed speed work outside! I always speed up and slow down based on how I feel.

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