Went anyway

I was sorely tempted to kick today’s workout to the curb. My upper body is sore (not my hips and legs though, I guess the maintenance squats are becoming routine– FINALLY) and my left knee is slightly wonky and I’m just kind of weary in general (I’m blaming the approach of my period for that).

But I didn’t, so yay. It was a nice 3 miles on the treadmill; I spent mile 2 with the incline turned up to 2 (2 whats?) and was surprised that I could keep on trucking with the incline. Then mile 3 was fast– I turned the incline back to flat and turned the speed up. Vroom.

No luck with the blowdryer today, though. I was hoping to just rinse the sweat out of my hair and carry on (my hair doesn’t like being washed every day; it starts to break) but I put waxy product in yesterday and that made for strange behavior once it all got melted and distributed. Eesh.

I’m thinking about taking a little time off from work and trying to decide what to do. My partner has to work so I’ll be flying solo. I’d like to do some hiking/camping I think, but doing that alone is iffy. Anyone out there have any experience solo backpacking?

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5 Responses to Went anyway

  1. lozette says:

    Yes, in my 20s I went to parts of Europe (France/Belgium/Holland) & Montreal by myself. I was staying in youth hostels & met loads of people, it was ace. When I was 30 I went to India (Delhi & Chandigarh, for a wedding) by myself, but I stayed in hotels. It was amazing.

    I *did* get a bit lonely by myself but this was pre-social media. I reckon it would have been easier if I’d had things like Twitter/Facebook etc as a mechanism for meeting people and staying in touch.

    • G says:

      I was thinking about hiking through the wilderness, but traveling abroad is an option too ;) I would definitely do that alone! But I’m not very good at talking to strangers, so meeting folks might be a challenge…

      • lozette says:

        Good point, when I saw “backpacking” I though of hostelling in Europe. We don’t have very much wilderness here in the UK ;-)

    • G says:

      That’s funny, because I’ve always thought one of those long walking trips through the UK would be a dream vacation for me. I don’t know a whole lot about them, and it strikes me that they’re an old people on holiday thing, but spending my days walking through the countryside and my evenings in quaint little towns sounds really nice. There must be at least a little wild space left to enjoy…

      • lozette says:

        Oh yes, there is; but just not the thousands of square miles you have in the US. And you can’t just camp anywhere in the UK’s countryside (as I always imagine you can in the US), you’d have to stay in hotels or camp in designated sites.

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