In search of yoga variety

Today’s a yoga day. Can you believe I am still sore from last Thursday’s HIIT? Especially my upper body, my neck and shoulders and chest and sides.

I decided to do a different practice by the same person who does my favorite Youtube yoga. She has two there, the afternoon grounding that I always do, and also a morning heart opening one. I had tried the morning practice before and didn’t like it for some reason, but I went back to it today to try it again. My experience with it this time was better, and maybe all the back and chest work will help everything settle down. I also found myself with unusually flexible ankles today; with a little work I could get my heels down in down dog and in a wide squat. That never happens!

It was also my first practice with the spendy mat. I’d heard that they take a while to break in, and that was certainly my experience– any sweat on my hands or feet sent them sliding all over the place (and this was a heat-building practice in the sun…) I put a towel down and that kept my hands in place at least. The manufacturers recommend “just practice on it!” for breaking it in. Not being able to stay in a down dog makes that tough… but I’ll try to stick with it for a bit.

My partner’s birthday was over the weekend and we had people over. I made a gorgeous coconut tres leches cake trifle– seriously, it’s probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever baked! Everyone enjoyed it and now we have leftovers in the fridge. I decided to have a small bowl for breakfast (it’s not going to keep forever is it) and after I ate it I felt just like … bleh. I regretted it and wished I had just had a normal fruit and protein smoothie or some eggs or something. Cake why you betray me :(

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2 Responses to In search of yoga variety

  1. awh, where are the pics of the cake? Sounds amazing!

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    Yes we need pictures.

    I absolutely cannot eat anything sweet in the morning. Doughnuts, muffins, Danishes, I don’t know how people can eat those and survive. It puts me into a coma with a giant headache.

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