HIIT and hemp protein, how cliche

I got my butt out of bed, onto the train, and into the gym early this morning for another HIIT class. Now I’m singing another little song to myself: HIIT is kick my butt, HIIT is kick my butt… (It sounds a lot like the "Crunchy bits of stuff" song from last week.) I don’t dare go into class without eating something, but I also don’t want to eat two breakfasts, so I made myself the usual strawberry/banana/hemp protein smoothie, drank half at 5am, and I’m drinking the other half now at 8:30. It’s much better when it’s first made.

I found this class easier than last week’s, though. I’m almost certain it was shorter, and I did mostly the tough options (last week I took mainly the easy ones). The makeup of the class was different though, so maybe the instructor dialed it back for us? Last week there were several really fit-looking people in there who weren’t in today’s class. I also excel at finding places where I can slack off during the workout. I need to work more on keeping myself pumped up and willing to push myself (although I’ve put so much time into learning how to pace myself and keep a reserve in the tank…)

My hips are still unhappy too. Yeah, let’s make 2 of the active recovery intervals holding boat pose for a minute? That’ll go great!!

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