Different kind of combo

It’s a lovely sunny morning today and I felt compelled to get outside for a run. It’s supposed to get really hot starting today so best to do it early!

Today’s route choice was 3 miles of rolling hills. There’s a 1 mile stretch nearby where the hills are less extreme and more balanced, ups and downs in similar proportions. I made a loop out of that part and ran it twice, then tacked on an extra mile. It’s only 74F now but the sun felt really hot. I’m not ready for summer yet!

Once I got my drippy self back inside, I decided to do a half hour of yoga to stretch out. That was nice; I got to focus on my hip flexors and IT bands. And I threw a low lunge with held foot in there… quad-errific.

And now I need to go shower and get on with my day… which includes going to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for some kind of dessert for tomorrow’s BBQ at my partner’s parents’ house. Ah yes, the grocery store on the day before Memorial Day. It’s going to be a circus in there.

Editing to add! So I grabbed a cookbook off the shelf– it’s Diana Shaw’s Essential Vegetarian Cookbook, which I always liked– and started to look for dessert ideas. And all the desserts are presented as low-fat or fat-free. This cookbook is from 1997 and it shows…

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