Back at work after the long holiday weekend– and I feel like poop. I slept poorly last night (at 1am, after lying there awake for 2.5 hours, I went to the guest room to toss and turn without disturbing my partner or being roused by his snoring– and eventually got to sleep, maybe around 2). I’m also obnoxiously joint hurty.

My left shoulder’s been persistently unhappy for a couple weeks now and I’ve finally started paying attention to what seems to trigger it. I figured it was just some tightness in a deep neck flexor, so my bright idea was: let’s do some yoga and stretch that shiz out! And then it would feel not better but worse. I’m finally coming to the conclusion that planks and chaturangas and downdogs are maybe not a good thing for my shoulder right now? I’m going to rest it for a few days.

Tuesday’s usually for lifting, but thanks to ye olde shoulder I decided to just hit the treadmill instead. And that turned out kind of crappy, I made it just about 2 miles before my knee felt awful and my calves were cramping up. I really wanted to finish up the first mission of Zombies, Run! Season 4 (yaaay) so I switched to the elliptical– where my Achilles and arch started to hurt! I gutted it out to the ~50 minute mark to finish the mission but jeez body, would you mind not falling apart on me?

In good news, we got our applications for pool passes in finally so if the passes arrive in a timely fashion I should be swimming next weekend! I can look forward to that.

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1 Response to meh.

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    It took me a while to realize that I get joint pain from eating grains. It’s not always easy to track down the culprit.

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