Tired Friday treadmilling

Threatening rain outside, treadmill run inside. (It didn’t rain, though.) 4 miles in 54 minutes with a few walking breaks for my tired feet. Overall I don’t feel too bad, though my neck is sore (probably from pressing that damn bosu over my head a zillion times).

I was making conversation at lunch yesterday (okay, I was desperately grasping for a conversational topic that would stick) and mentioned my extremely tentative solo hiking plans, and my overly enthusiastic coworker piped up, “I’ll go with!” No. That is a terrible idea. Number 1, I’m not looking for company. Number 2, I do not need to go on a 5 day hike with just my overly enthusiastic and friendly male coworker. My reaction was to go “errr…” and desperately grasp for another conversational topic…

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