How to ruin a perfectly good run

Lately I’ve been running out of workout clothes during the week* and in the interest of preserving as many pairs of capris for the gym as possible, I wore a pair of shorts out for a run. Mistake! I had a nice 3.5 mile route planned out but after a half mile of run run pull shorts down run run run pull shorts down I just gave up and walked back home. (Walking is fine. No ride-up issues there…) I can put on a different pair of pants and go out again later– or right now, even– and I’ve just wasted a little time and whatever, it’s not a big deal right? But I’m upset.

(tw: weight loss bullshit) Part of my feels today is that No-Weigh May is over and I stepped on the scale this morning. Same as it ever was. But I spent the month tracking my food (and restricting a little) and MyFitnessPal would say things like “If you ate like this every day, you’d weigh %smaller% in 5 weeks!” I was kind of hoping for %smaller%. Okay, really hoping. So I managed to turn No-Weigh May into Body Hatred June 1. Good job, me.

And couple that with my shorts ride up issue and dramatically shortened workout and I feel pretty terrible. I ought to wait until my feels even out before I go to re-do the run; heading out in a mood like this is a guarantee of an awful time.

* I’d like to buy replacements for my workout clothes, which are mostly that wicking poly mesh stuff and tech fabric singlets. But now that workout clothes are completely yoga-fied all I can find is leggings and racerback tanks. It’s maddening. Every time the season changes I hope for a different kind of clothes in stores– nope! Meanwhile my pants are slowly self-destructing…

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