Stinky and drippy

I may have miscalculated. In another attempt to conserve gym clothes (as if the first attempt wasn’t enough of a disaster) I decided to recycle one of my precious tanks. I hung it up to dry and air out yesterday, and this morning I gave it a sniff, decided it was okay, and put it in my bag. Once I got to the gym and put it on, however, it was definitely not okay– it was rank! At that point I had no choice though…

It’s yucky and rainy out, so the cardio room was humid. My choice of a 4 miler didn’t really help either, and by the end of it I was both smelly and completely soaked. Oh well. If I can’t be stinky and drippy at the gym, where can I be?!

The run was okay (other than the dripping); I finished the 4 miles in 50 minutes with 2 little walk breaks. My legs are tired but not too bad. Gonna do more HIIT tomorrow.

I’ve been honing my sewing skills by deconstructing pieces of clothing that I really enjoy wearing and sewing clones of them (with varying degrees of success). Maybe I can clone my favorite workout clothes… the fabric store sells performance/tech fabrics. I might need a serger or some fancy seam finisher for that though…

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