Comfort with discomfort

HIIT done. Breakfast time! (Another 5am smoothie, drank at 8am. Do I need a blender at work?)

To try to make the class more satisfying, I made an effort to push myself hard. It mostly worked, I think. There were only 2 of us in the class (me and super fit looking guy) so we got the tough stuff. The only big problem I had was the 45 second intervals of mountain climbers– that was near the end of class and at that point I had dripped all over my mat and it was slipperyyyy. It’s hard to do mountain climbers when your hands won’t stay anchored! (Maybe next time I’ll bring a towel.)

I’ve gotten so used to doing endurance exercise that it feels very weird to go ‘all out’ in a regular workout. In some ways, endurance running encourages laziness; you know you’re going to need to keep something in the tank to get to the end, so you need to be as economical as possible while still keeping up the chosen pace. If I go all out in a run, I’m going to poop out after half a mile and the remainder of the run is hosed. (This is where training tactics like tempo runs help, though– finding that ‘comfortably difficult’ place where you can run hard and keep on going…)

HIIT is the workout equivalent of screwing up my pace on purpose, pooping out after half a mile, and keeping going because it’s only a mile total. I fight against every instinct I’ve developed when I hit that first set of intervals hard. And it’s good for me, I think. I want to become more comfortable with discomfort.

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